7 Financial Tips From a Leading Expert

7 Financial Tips From a Leading Expert

By Tom Anderson, CEO

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Build a free financial plan to get customized recommendations, or check out these seven tips that you can glean from the wealthy & easily implement today:

  • Reduce your cybersecurity risk
  • Eliminate expenses & fees
  • Right-size your insurance
  • Get a Will!
  • Simplify & automate investing
  • Use debt wisely & strategically
  • Get a financial plan, and update it regularly


Reduce cybersecurity risk

You should protect your money & identity by taking three simple steps:

  1. Use a password protection app.
  2. Use a credit monitoring service with dark web surveillance.
  3. Use the "Best App for Investors" to see all your accounts in one place..

Don’t have all three? You’re not alone. 85% of people are in the same boat.


Eliminate fees & expenses

Wealthy people don’t pay fees on their bank accounts. Yes, changing bank accounts is a bit of a hassle. But, our average user can save about $400 per year by switching accounts.


Right-size your insurance

Our data shows most people have way too much, or too little, insurance. Both are expensive, in different ways.

  • Life Insurance: Term Life Insurance is generally best, and cheaper than you think. You can get a life insurance quote online in minutes while staying 100% anonymous.

  • Home & Auto: The market is very competitive and you should get a quote once a year. You can compare home and auto rates, from multiple insurance providers in a matter of minutes.


Get a Will

70% of people don’t have an updated will. Having a will is essential if you are married or have children.

Fortunately, getting a will has never been easier. You can get a will in minutes, from home, through a guided process.

Have kids? Your kids need guardians.


Simplify & automate investing

Think the wealthy use complicated investment strategies? Wrong. Most wealthy people rarely trade stocks. Instead, they place the majority of their money in low-cost index funds.

The best investment strategy for most people is one that is simple and automated. We provide detailed suggestions in our free financial plan.


Use debt wisely & strategically

Debt is like cholesterol: there are good and bad types.

  • Get rid of bad debt. Consolidate your debt that has an interest rate above 8% with a personal loan. Getting your rate won't impact your credit and takes less than 1 minute.

  • Refinance your student loans.

  • Keep good debt (like a mortgage). Make the required payments but instead of paying down more, build up your savings. Now is the time to refinance.


Get a financial plan

Big surprise: almost all wealthy people have a financial plan. A good financial plan is simply a checklist of things to do with solid supporting information on “why”.

Most wealthy people have quarterly reviews. They run a plan, review their to-do list, take action, and don’t worry about things until the next quarter.

Fortunately, you can too. Get unbiased guidance, a personalized to-do list, and more.

Build your free financial plan today


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