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Imagine all your finances on the right path. Your debts under control. As your guide, I will get you on track, and help you stay on track. I'll help you earn more money, pay less in fees, and much less in taxes.

I will help you create a financial plan. One that rivals plans that cost thousands of dollars.

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My mini-plans are fast, free and anonymous. No name, no contact information. Providing your email is 100% optional. For those who want to go deeper, I offer a variety of options.

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You will get specific, actionable ideas. Some of my plans even offer a financial reward you if you can find a better way.*

My plans will guide you on your assets and liabilities, working together. I'll tell you what types of debt to have, how to use it wisely, and when to pay it off.


Why most of our plans are free

I put advertisements in your plan. These advertisements are clearly identified. They are designed to be beneficial and relevant to you and are customized specifically to you!

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More information on my detailed plan

Backed with a Satisfaction Guarantee*, your plan will cover five main areas. I guide you on how to:

Set your goals

  • Establish your ethics and the purpose of your money
  • Set your goals
  • Identify your dreams and your fears

Protect against bad things

  • Maintain access to money in case of an emergency
  • Have the right insurance coverage
  • Cover your bases legally
  • Manage cyber security and protect yourself online

Prepare for the future

  • Budget and save
  • Invest your money
  • Manage your debt (and decide when to pay off what types of debt)

Enjoy the journey

  • Decide when to rent vs. buy
  • Use good debt vs. bad debt
  • Pay for major purchases
  • Refinance current debt

Give back to society

  • How much to give
  • Ways to give
  • Where to give
  • Planned giving and giving for income



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*Reward and Satisfaction Guarantee subject to eligibility and terms. See Terms of Use for details.

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