7 FinTech Solutions to Use in 2022

7 FinTech Solutions to Use in 2022

By Tom Anderson, CEO

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Financial Technology companies have burst onto the scene this millennium, making online money management standard practice. Today, you can do everything from create a Will to refinance your debt without changing out of your sweats.


With so many FinTech players to choose from, how do you know who is best qualified to help you knock out important financial tasks?


As the CEO of Anasova, the company behind FreeFinancialPlan.com, I personally vet the hundreds of FinTech companies that apply to be featured in our plans. Our acceptance rate hovers around 5%. That means it’s just as difficult to get accepted into Harvard as it is to become a recommended provider of Anasova.

As we head into 2022, here are the standout FinTech offerings that we recommend:


Get free credit monitoring with Credit Karma
Knowing and monitoring your credit score is an essential part of building wealth. Credit Karma’s free app does this for you. It also makes suggestions for improving your credit score and serves up financial offerings that you are likely qualified for based on your score.


Get a Bitcoin rewards credit card with BlockFi
BlockFi offers a risk-free way to get started with Bitcoin: earn it with a rewards credit card. The FinTech offers the “world’s first Bitcoin rewards credit” with 3.5% back in Bitcoin on purchases made in the first 90 days.


Monitor your cash flow with Personal Capital
For those with multiple accounts across many institutions, Personal Capital makes it easy to see your financial activity all in one place. Simply connect your accounts to their app for a bird’s eye-view of your finances. The best part? It’s free.


Optimize your debt schedule with Bright, Tally
Make juggling payment dates a thing of the past with these 2 FinTech players. The Bright app finds the fastest, smartest ways to pay off your debt while making automatic payments on your behalf. Tally focuses on credit card debt, offering eligible users a credit line to pay down high-interest rate cards, on autopay, so you can start saving on interest right away.


Refinance your debt with Upgrade
In our financial plans, we always recommend users to refinance their “bad debt”. Upgrade offers personal loans up to $50,000. While the APR on their loans can still hover in the teens, if you have debt with an interest rate above 20%, the extra points could save you thousands.


Get a free financial plan with Anasova
You had to see this one coming! There’s no better way to get unbiased, personalized financial recommendations than to try one of our Free Financial Plans. It’s fast, free, and anonymous.

Give it a shot, and let me know what you think! After you build your plan you'll be given the opportunity to take a survey and give your feedback. I read every response.

Thanks for reading!

  • Tom  

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